My Love Affair with Pink Diamonds.

Pink diamonds are so pretty!

Whoever said a thing of beauty is a joy forever must have been thinking of rare pink diamonds. Pink diamonds evoke passion, fine taste and style. Whether they’re embedded in an engagement ring or pendant necklace along with other gems, or placed in a brooch, tiara or crown, or set in white gold or rose gold as earrings, pink diamonds mesmerize.

Only a small number of pink diamonds are mined annually. Pink diamonds are extracted from the Argyle Mine located in Western Australia. It has been estimated that in five years’ time, pink diamond supply would have dwindled further, making the jewels even rarer and more expensive.

Authentic pink diamonds emanating from the Australian mine come in varying shades of pink – some come in brownish hue, others in champagne, and some are purplish. The more intense the pink shade of the diamond, the greater the value. The value of natural pink diamonds surpasses white diamonds.

One of the biggest vivid pink diamond that had its unveiling in Monaco is the Steinmetz Pink. The flawless 59.6 carat diamond was discovered in Southern Africa. Another famous diamond with a light pink color is the Darya-I-Nur, which occupies a prominent place amidst the Iranian Crown Jewels. Among the royal owners of the Darya-I-Nur was India’s first Mogul emperor. Shown at London’s Crystal Palace Exhibition sometime in 1851, the priceless diamond has been preserved in the treasure vaults of the Central Bank of Iran.

In the contemporary era, luxury jewelers to the stars, like Harry Winston, Chopard, Jacob & Co., fashion pink diamonds into jawdroppingly stunning pieces worth flaunting. Some luxury jewelers have created extraordinary rings set with white diamonds along with pink diamonds, mounted in platinum 18K rose gold for its discriminating clientele. Others convert heirloom pieces into splendid works of art.

Among the privileged few who have been gifted with rare pink diamonds are royalty like Queen Elizabeth II and Hollywood actresses like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, and Victoria Beckham. Singer Mariah Carey received a pink diamond engagement ring from Nick Canon. It was studded with numerous intense pink diamonds and two half-moon diamonds on each side, reportedly amounting to over two million dollars.

The exquisite pink diamond wedding gift that Queen Elizabeth II received from Canadian geologist John Williamson back in 1947 was a stunning rock that has been made into a brooch pin with alpine rose design. Cartier designed it, surrounding the pink diamond centerpiece with colorless diamond petals.

Given its immense value and symbolic meaning, a pink diamond ring is truly a gem like no other. The beauty of a pink diamond can be quite inspiring. Getting such a gift speaks volumes about just how special the recipient is. It is an object of desire that can reflect sentiments like love, appreciation, and exaltation.

Can you envision yourself donning a pair of awesome pink & white diamond earrings or necklace, perfectly coordinated with a beautiful gown or cocktail dress and designer heels? Indeed, beautiful drop earrings, necklaces, or rings with pink diamonds are so pretty! In a few cases, pink diamonds also reflect a nation’s rich & colorful history.

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